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Last updated Feb 12, 2017

Unicompartimental replacement

Unicompartimental replacement is interesting when faced to a patient with osteoarthritis confined to one compartiment (medial or lateral).

Patients must be carefully selected because there is always the concern that another part of the knee might eventually wear out.

Among other specific qualifications, this type of surgery needs an intact anterior cruciate ligament. During the procedure, it is always possible that the knee these specific qualifications and that your surgeon decides to perform a total knee replacement.

There is less of a surgical dissection than for total knee replacement (TKR); both cruciate ligaments are preserved.There is less blood loss during surgery than TKR.

The time spent in the hospital is shorter, and the knee motion and fonction is better than TKR Recovery is faster from UKR than from TKR or osteotomy.

The kneecap is resurfaced with a cemented plastic insert, and a metallic shield is placed with cement on the condyle. Rehabilitation will last about 6 to 8 weeks and depending on the type of work you do, you can usually return to work after two months.

UKR has a higher initial success rate and fewer complications compared with osteotomy.It can be easily conversed to TKR in the future.

Complications are rare, but the new joint can develop an infection or slip out of place after surgery.

After surgery, you will be advised to avoid some types of activity, including jogging and high impact activities.


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