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What to do?

The common recommendation for immediate treatment of an injured knee :

  • Rest the knee by using crutches and keeping weight off on it,
  • ice the knee and
  • elevate the leg.
You should be examined by your physician who will give prescribe you anti-inflammatory medications to release pain . He may prescribe you a leg support and will refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon for a thorough evaluation.

On soon as the pain settles down :

  • you can do simple exercises to strengthen the muscle of the thigh (quadriceps).
  • you may try to start walking with crutches and take weight through the operated knee but he must keep his leg straight by contracting his quadriceps (no crutches, no brace).
  • You will start passive flexion exercises and he may flex his knee in bed and while sitting.

Docteur Jean Etienne Perraudin, last updated 1 Sept 2012 .